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Submitted on: Aug 02, 2017 at 12:06 AM

Existence Guild Application

Raid Team? (A=Group 1-B=Group 2)

A, B

Race and Class
Human Warrior
Whats your main and offspec?

Fury, Arms

How old are you?


What Is your Battle-Tag?


Where are you located?


What guild were you in before? What did you like/dislike about them?

Phoenix - raid team not very efficient. Only partial clear of ToS on normal and 2 bosses heroic. Lots of wasted time & silly pulls/wipes. Really want to clear more high end raid content and willing to find a new home to do so.

How do you prioritize your gear and stat choices and more importantly, Why?

Trinkets and legendaries have pretty well established BiS gear, so I try and shoot for those. With tier, it's more nuanced. T19 has good set bonuses for fury, but T20 is better if you can get the right mix & high ilvl. As a fury warrior the helm & legs are BiS so I only ever have 4 tier pieces equipped. Right now I'm stacking T20 while running with 4pc T19. Prioritize haste>mastery>crit>vers for non-tier.

What Other Classes and Specs are you proficient at playing, and Are you willing to use your Off specs in raids in accordance to the guild's needs.

Aff lock 885 ilvl, Resto & boomkin druid 880 ilvl. Willing to gear those if needed, but always liked warrior (been main since vanilla)

What are your Available Raid Days and times.

Weekdays after 6:00pm. Sometimes I have work events in the evenings but those are scheduled well in advance.

Please list your previous raiding experience, if any.

0/10H NH, 9/9 ToS, 2/9 H ToS. Also raided in Vanilla (MC only), BC (BT), WotLK (Ulduar)

Check this box if you have read the rules and comply with them.
Are you willing to download the voice chat program Discord -- which will be necessary for raids? (No mic is ok, but we will have you log in to listen.)


10/10H NH**
Please msg someone in the guild stating your app was approved /who existence thanks

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