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1 month
Bernñotice added a forum thread

Raid Times: Updated

Raid dates/times have moved to Tuesday and Wednesday, 7pm server to 10pm server, with an additional day Monday, used for an extra raid day as needed.
3 months
Bernñotice added a news entry

Opening week of ToS

We will be raiding tomb release week. Thank you
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3 months
Bernñotice added a forum thread

Tomb of Sargeras

Hello all, with ToS right around the corner, I'm sure everyone's excited for progressing on a new raid! This being said, when ToS is closer to launch, we will be looking over our raiders and deciding who will be coming up for progression. In a new...
3 months
Bernñotice added a forum post

Existence Mythic Raid Team

We will be going through those who are interested for mythic progression. We will see who all qualifies out of that, and they will be brought up when we start mythic.
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