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Loot Loot starts at 885 on LFR, 900 on Normal, 915 on Heroic, and 930 on Mythic.
Armor:Relics:This boss also drops Tier 20 glove tokens for all classes. Quick Tips Overview – Stick together in order to spread out the damage done by [Unchecked Rage] . Try to keep the amount of [Drenched] stacks you have low in order to reduce the damage taken from all sources of Frost damage throughout the fight. Abilities
Harjatan Harjatan has a passive called Abrasive Armor. This causes each melee attack to have a chance of applying Jagged Abrasion, a 30 second dot on the tank which stacks. Tanks want to taunt off each other to keep the Jagged Abrasion stacks as low as possible, 4-5 stacks is a good guideline.

Tanks must face Harjatan towards the raid when Unchecked Rage is cast to split the damage.

Unchecked Rage: Harjatan has an energy bar that passively fills throughout the encounter. Once it is full, he will cast Unchecked Rage.
  • This is a short-range frontal shockwave which deals high physical damage split between all players hit, as well as an additional burst of physical damage to the current tank. [*] The entire raid should be hit by this ability to evenly divide the damage. If less than 5 players are hit, Harjatan will become enraged gaining a permanent damage increase. [*] The Raid should be stacked up behind the boss for the majority of the fight. When the Unchecked Rage is due to be cast, the current tank should turn Harjatan to face the raid.[list] This keeps the damage from the ability low, whilst maximising damage for melee DPS as they will not have to deal with parries from the boss.
[/list]Throughout the fight Harjatan will summon in waves murlocs with his Commanding Roar.
  • These murlocs will spawn from two set locations around the room. The boss should be tanked next to one of these locations , so the raid can almost immediately start killing off those murlocs. [*] The murlocs take DPS priority, as both types of murloc will apply a debuff called Drenched to the raid.
Harjatan should be moved to either of the murloc spawn locations from the start of the encounter.

Drenched is a permanent debuff which deals a minor amount of ticking frost damage, whilst also increasing the frost damage you take by 5%. Drenched can stack and it is vital that players keep the amount of Drenched on the raid to a minimum, in order to survive prolonged frost damage bursts periods that occur later in the encounter. Razorjaw Murlocs Razorjaw Gladiator will frequently cast Driven Assault. This causes them to fixate on a random player and chase them down.
  • During this time their damage is increased by 35% and their movement speed is reduced by 50%, allowing fixated players to kite them. [*] Players must avoid their melee attacks as the Razorjaw Gladiators have a passive called Dripping Blade, which cause each melee hit to apply a stack of Drenched. [*] They will also cast Splashy Cleave when they are in melee range of their target, dealing a burst of frost damage to all players in front of them, whilst also applying a stack of Drenched.[list] Splashy Cleave isn't an issue whilst Driven Assault is active, as their current target should always be out of range for them. [*] However, when Driven Assault is down, tanks must ensure they have threat on the Gladiators, and make sure that they are faced away from the raid to minimize Drenched stack applications.
[/list] Razorjaw Gladiators must be faced away from the raid. Make sure you are not hit while being targeted by Driven Assault. Razorjaw Wavemenders should be top of DPS priority.
Razorjaw Wavemenders Razorjaw Wavemenders primarily apply Drenched via their spells.
  • Watery Splash is an interruptible cast which deals a burst of frost damage to a random raid member. This also applies a stack of Drenched. [*] This cast must be interrupted, not only to keep the Drenched stacks low across the raid, but also to help keep the Razorjaw Wavemenders mobile so they can be grouped up faster.
The Wavemenders will also apply Aqueous Burst to random non-tank players.
  • This is a 6 second debuff which causes the player to explode upon expiration. The explosion deals a burst of frost damage to anyone nearby and spawns a patch of Drenching Waters on the ground. [*] Drenching Waters will deal ticking damage and apply Drenched stacks to anyone who stands within it. [*] Players afflicted with Aqueous Burst must move away from the raid and allow the debuff to time out around the edges of the room. [*] Do however keep any area directly behind the raid free of Drenching Waters patches, this area must be free of patches for when the boss casts Draw In. [*] This will keep the Drenching Waters pools away from high traffic areas, whilst also keeping raid wide Drenched stacks to a minimum.
Players with Aqueous Burst must move out of the raid. Once Aqueous Burst has expired players should return back to the raid.
Draw In Drenching Waters placements is key to deal with Harjatans signature ability: Draw In
  • Draw In is a 10 second channel which will cause all Drenching Water pools to move directly towards and be subsequently absorbed by Harjatan. [*] The Drenching Water pools are still active as they travel towards Harjatan and therefore must be avoided. [*] By placing the Drenching Waters around the edges of the room, to the left and right hand side of the raid, there will be a large gap in the middle of the room for the raid to avoid the travelling pools.
Draw In will pull all Drenching Waters patches towards the boss. If players manage to spawn the patches to the side of the raid then very little movement is required to avoid them.

For each Drenching Waters pool that Harjatan absorbs, he gains a stack of Frigid Blows.
  • Each Stack of this buff will empower a single melee attacks, causing them to deal frost damage to the entire raid. [*] After a stack is removed via a melee attack a pool of Drenching Waters will spawn on a random player. [*] To counter this, as soon as all the pools have been absorbed you need the entire raid to hug the edges of the room, to bait these new pools to spawn in good locations. [*] Players need to avoid the pools as they land, as they deal a large burst of damage to you, and the entire raid is already taking heavy damage at this point.
Harjatan will target random players with Drenching Waters as he begins to drop his Frigid Blows Players should attempt to place them again in locations away from the raid.

Once all stacks of Frigid Blows have been expended, he will cast Frosty Discharge, which deals a burst of damage to the raid and removes every players Drenched stacks.
  • The raid must note that each Draw In "phase" will become progressively longer, as he will absorb a larger amount of Drenching Waters pools each time. [*] Raid cooldowns and personal survival cooldowns should be used on later Draw In phases, to help mitigate the higher amount of incoming damage.
Strategy Summary Tank Responsibilities Healer Responsibilities DPS Responsibilities Looking For Raid Difficulty Aside from abilities dealing less damage in comparison to Normal Difficulty, Looking For Raid difficulty has one less mechanic to counter.

When Harjatan summons in waves of murlocs with his Commanding Roar, the raid will only have to deal with the Razorjaw Wavemenders, as the Razorjaw Gladiators have been removed from the encounter.

This removes the responsibility of kiting the Gladiators and facing them in the correct position for the Splashy Cleave. Heroic Difficulty As of time of writing, there are no mechanical differences between Heroic and Normal Mode listed in the Dungeon Journal. The only differences listed are purely numerical, where abilities will deal more damage on Heroic than in Normal Mode.
As Raid bosses are highly likely to have mechanical differences between Normal and Heroic, it is safe to assume the amount of Murlocs summoned throughout the encounter will be higher, requiring the raid to focus on Murloc control more than on Normal Mode.

The Taskmaster add that was previously present in past versions of the encounter has since been removed from the Dungeon Journal, and was also not present during the most recent Mythic testing of the encounter. Mythic Diffculty Aside from abilities dealing more damage in comparison to Heroic Difficulty, the Harjatan encounter has had one new enemy added to the encounter.

There are 4 groups of Incubated Eggs present throughout the fight on Mythic Difficulty. The egg piles are always in the same four locations, placed around the edges of the encounter area.
  • The eggs will remain dormant and untargetable until set points where two separate eggs piles will begin to hatch. [*] During this time both egg piles will have the Hardened Shell buff, which reduces the damage they take by 99%. [*] This damage reduction can be removed by having Harjatan cleave on to them when he casts Unchecked Rage.
As only one egg pile can be hit by the Unchecked Rage, the raid needs to decide which eggs they want to make vulnerable so they can destroy them.
There are three different types of add that will spawn from the eggs. This is shown by a coloured aura around the eggs.

The eggs with the blue aura will spawn a Drippy Tadpole.
  • Drippy Tadpoles need to be tanked away from the raid, as they will frequently spawn Drenching Water pools underneath themselves, via the Dripping Wet passive.
The eggs with the red aura will spawn a Colicky Tadpole
  • Colicky Tadpoles will cast Tantrum, which will cause them to jump to random players over the course of the channel, dealing damage to anyone nearby. They also buff themselves with Getting Angry, which increases the damage that they deal over time.
The eggs with the green aura will spawn multiple Sickly Tadpoles.
  • The Sickly Tadpoles will each fixate a random player and slowly move towards them. Upon reaching the player they will cast Rotten Emission, dealing a large burst of nature damage to anyone nearby. [*] The Sickly Tadpoles move very slowly and are susceptible to additional slows via player abilities.
All Tadpoles are immune to stuns, displacements and other CC abilities apart from slowing affects.
    Egg priority:
    • The blue aura egg should be destroyed above all other eggs, as the additional Drenching Waters that spawn will prolong the Draw In "Phase", which is already taxing on the raid team. [*] The red aura egg should be your second choice, as the random movement of the Colicky Tadpole during its Tantrum can make killing it away from other enemies difficult to achieve. [*] The green aura eggs should be the eggs that are generally let through. The low movement speed of the tadpoles coupled with the additional slow and lower health pool make them easy to switch to and kill off after any current Murloc adds have been dealt with.
    After choosing what egg to destroy, players should stand next to the egg to help split the damage of the incoming Unchecked Rage. The eggs have a high healthpool and need to be switched to immediately after the Hardened Shell damage reduction has been removed.

    Harjatan should then be move away from the other set of eggs that are going to hatch so that the Tadpoles will have a larger distance between them and any other enemy in the encounter area.
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