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Loot Loot starts at 885 on LFR, 900 on Normal, 915 on Heroic, and 930 on Mythic.In addition, this encounter drops Tier 20 set helms. Quick Tips Overview – Atrigan and Belac share health. Both Atrigan and Belac's abilities all inflict [Torment] . Reaching full [Torment] results in [Unbearable Torment] . Abilities
Torment You will gain Torment via the bosses abilities, some of the abilities are avoidable, some of them are not.
  • The Torment is shown through the alternative power bar that, by default, appears at the bottom of the screen. If you allow the bar to completely fill to 100 Torment, you will gain a debuff called Unbearable Torment. [*] Unbearable Torment will make you deal 20% less damage, reduce your hit chance by 90%, reduce the healing you do by 25%, and increase all the damage you take by 90%.
Torment Bar Once full you will be debuffed with Unbearable Torment

The only way to remove Torment is by using the Confess extra action button. This will teleport you inside a new room and drop you down where you will fight a Tormented Soul.
This add will melee whoever has threat, and will occasionally cast Tormented Eruption, which will spew out bolts which deal damage to anyone within 3 yards of their impact zone.

All players receive an Extra Action Button. Use this to enter the Soul Cage to remove your Torment. The Extra Action Button can be used again to exit the Soul Cage only once your Torment
has been completely removed.

Players need to avoid these bolts whilst simultaneously dealing damage to the add. As the add takes damage, it will spawn Remnant of Hope orbs.
  • Running over an orb will absorb it and remove 35 Torment from the player. [*] Once you reach 0 Torment, you can reuse the extra action button to return to the main encounter area. [*] Players cannot remain inside the Confession cage for too long, as you’ll be taking ever increasing ticking damage from the Soul Corruption debuff which is being periodically applied to all players within the cage.
Avoid the Tormented Eruption circles! Soak the Remnant of Hope orbs to remove your Torment.

To keep raid Torment as low as possible you need to periodically have teams of high Torment players Confess at the same time.
  • The teams would need to consist of at least one tank & one healer [*] Once the team is downstairs, they need to damage the add to generate a large amount of orbs. [*] Once every member of the team has zero Torment, they can all use their extra action button in unison to return to the encounter area again. [*] The raid leader will want to determine how often you enter the cage, as it will vary from group to group depending on how well the raid is able to counter the bosses abilities.
  • All raid members should be prepared to have to enter the cage atleast once, tanks will have to go inside considerably more.
The bosses should be stacked for the majority of the encounter to maximize damage output. The bosses must be separated before Atrigan casts his Bone Saw or Belac casts Fel Squall.
Atrigan Atrigan needs to be tanked and will generate a high amount of Torment for the tank through his passive, Bone Scythe which causes each of his melee attacks to apply 2 Torment.

Atrigan will also cast Scythe Sweep at the tank. This frontal cleave deals a large amount of damage and applies 20 Torment to anyone struck. The tank should face Atrigan away from the raid at all times to make sure that they are the only player hit.

Bone Saw
  • After a short cast, Atrigan will deal damage and apply Torment to nearby players every second. [*] If any player attacks Atrigan during Bone Saw, they will gain a substantial amount of Torment. This includes applications of debuffs as well as cleave abilities, however pre-existing dots will not generate Torment for that player. [*] All DPS should swap to Belac during Bone Saw, whilst the tank needs to move Atrigan away from Belac before Bone Saw begins to ensure that passive cleave doesn’t occur.
During Bone Saw, Atrigan’s movement speed is reduced by 75% allowing the tank to kite him.
  • Atrigan should be dragged away from Belac around the sides of the room, to make sure that raid positioning isn’t too disrupted. [*] Once the Bone Saw is over, Atrigan should once again be placed next to Belac to allow extra DPS through cleave abilities.
Belac Belac does not need to be tanked and cannot be moved during the encounter. Instead of melee attacking, he will instead frequently cast Pangs of Guilt.
  • This is an interruptible cast which will deal a large burst of damage to players. [*] To ensure that each Pangs of Guilt is interrupted, you will need to assign 3 players to interrupt on a rotation. [*] Do Note: You’ll need to assign backup interrupts for when the assigned players Confess to drop their Torment, as they will be out of range of Belac.
Belac is responsible for generating most of the Torment that is applied to the raid. One of the ways he does this is through his Tormenting Burst. This will deal a moderate amount of shadow damage to the raid and apply 4 Torment to all players. This is unavoidable and healers may want to use healing cooldowns to counteract the burst of damage done to the raid.

Players afflicted with Echoing Anguish must be away from other players before they are dispelled. Belac will also apply Echoing Anguish to multiple non-tank players simultaneously.
  • This is a 12 second dot which applies 4 Torment every second. [*] Once the debuff expires or is dispelled, the afflicted player will trigger Anguished Outburst, which will deal a burst of damage and apply 10 Torment to any players within 8 yards. [*] Players afflicted with the Echoing Anguish need to move 8 yards away from the group and be dispelled. [*] Healers shouldn’t be too trigger happy with dispels for this debuff, as you may dispel a player who is stacked and cause a large amount of excess Torment and damage to go out onto the raid.
Fel Squall This ability acts much like Atrigans Bone Saw ability.
  • After a short cast, Belac will deal ticking damage and apply Torment to any nearby players whilst also applying a large amount of Torment to any player who attacks him during this time. [*] Atrigan should be pre-moved away from Belac to allow all dps to swap over to him, without running the risk of accidently cleaving onto Belac. [*] Do Note: During the Fel Squall, Belac will not cast any abilities, and therefore doesn’t need to be interrupted for his Pangs of Guilt.
Strategy Summary
  • Keep both Atrigan and Belac stacked up to allow DPS to cleave, only spreading them apart for either the Bone Saw or Fel Squall. [*] Face Atrigan away from the raid to ensure that only the tank is hit by the Scythe Sweep. [*] Do not attack Atrigan during Bone Saw or Belac during Fel Squall [*] Set up an interrupt rotation of three short cooldown interrupts for Belacs Pangs of Guilt. [*] Move away from players when afflicted with Echoing Anguish and then be dispelled. [*] Have high Torment groups consisting of one tank, one healer and a few dps Confess simultaneously so that they can gather Remnant of Hope orbs to drop their Torment. [*] Dodge the green Tormented Eruption bolts whilst fighting the Tormented Soul inside the Confession cage. [*] Ensure that all players leave the Confession cage together to avoid anyone being left behind.
Looking For Raid Difficulty Aside from abilities dealing less damage on Looking For Raid difficulty in comparison to Normal difficulty, there are no listed mechanical changes on Looking For Raid difficulty in comparison to Normal Difficulty. Heroic Difficulty Aside from abilities dealing more damage in comparison to Normal Difficulty, there is one additional mechanic per boss that has been added to the Demonic Inquisition encounter on Heroic Difficulty.
Players targeted by Calcified Quills must
face Atrigan away from the raid. Atrigan gains the Calcified Quills ability which sends a barrage of spikes towards a player, knocking them up and dealing damage to them.
  • This will usually target the tank, which isn't an issue as the tank should be stood alone anyway. However it can target random players.
  • Everyone must keep an eye on their boss timers and be aware of what direction Artigan is facing when this is cast, so they can avoid the knockup.
Belac gains the Suffocating Dark ability which places a purple zone around a few random ranged players. This purple zone deals ticking damage and applies 10 Torment every second whilst also reducing the movement speed of anyone inside by 50%.
  • Suffocating Dark does not have a cast time and the zones are immediately placed onto players. Therefore ranged players must be prespread for this ability, preferably around the edges of the room to keep the encounter area clear. [*] However, you must not stand at the entrance of the room, as players leaving the Confession cage will always re-enter the main encounter room by the door and you do not want them to land straight into a Suffocating Dark zone.
Avoid the Suffocating Dark circles. Keep away from the entrance of the encounter area.
Mythic Difficulty Aside from abilities dealing more damage in comparison to Heroic Difficulty, there is one additional mechanical change the Demonic Inquisition encounter on Mythic difficulty.

Whenever a player leaves the Confession Cage, a Tormented Fragment add will spawn at Belac's location.
  • These adds will fixate a player and will hit them moderately hard with melee attacks. [*] When the Tormented Fragment reaches 0 hp it will cast Explosive Anguish, which will deal a large burst of damage to anyone within 8 yards after a few seconds.
Each time an Tormented Fragment add spawns, it will buff all other Tormented Fragment adds damage by 15% with Harrowing Reconstitution and this effect stacks. Therefore, you want to keep the amount of adds to a minimum, by controlling when they spawn and killing them off as soon as possible.
  • To achieve this the raid will want to be organise their “torment-dropping” groups extremely well, limiting their size to around 4-6 players. [*] The groups want to ensure that they all leave the cage simultaneously so that all of the adds will spawn close to one another. [*] The groups also want to avoid leaving the cage during Belacs Fel Squall, as you will not be able to aoe down the adds without cleaving onto Belac.
The Tormented Fragment adds can be slowed, however all other forms of crowd control will not work.
  • This makes AoE slows a vital tool to be utilised in keeping the adds close to one another for the best cleave possible. [*] The fixated players should also try and have the adds run in the same direction, by kiting them in a predetermined direction.
It is also important that the raid sends in “torment-dropping” groups frequently. This is to avoid a situation where a large portion of your raid needs to drop Torment at the same time. If this does happen, the raid will have to deal a large amount of adds all at once, which could cause a large amount of chaos when coupled with the other mechanics in the fight.
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